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UFC Online Betting in New York

Here is everything you need to know when betting on UFC online in New York. From our UFC betting guide, you will learn how to read and calculate odds (with examples), find the best sportsbooks for UFC bet promos and what you have to be aware of if you want to make money on UFC bets.

If you are in New York and of the legal age (21), you can legally bet on the UFC online. Install any of these mobile sportsbook apps (NY licensed), sign up to claim your bonus offer before placing your UFC bets. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best UFC betting promotions, including free bet credits, available in New York right now.

Best UFC Online Betting Sites in New York

  • betMGM: Code NYDOTBET, Earn $50 Bonus
  • BetRivers: Best UFC odds, get up to $100 Bonus Match
  • Caesars:  UFC Live betting, Live streams, Price boosts
  • Pointsbet: UFC parlay bets, fast cash outs and Request a bet option

UFC online betting guide

In recent years, New York has emerged as one of the most popular locations for major UFC events. And with recent changes in legislation, fight fans in the Empire State can now easily and quickly place bets on all the action inside the Octagon.

With the UFC now staging a full card of fights each week, featuring the most talented mixed martial artists in the world, and NY online sportsbooks offer UFC odds, the betting action never stops. Here’s a look at how you can get in on UFC betting in the State of New York.

With the launch of legal, regulated online sportsbooks, sports bettors in New York now enjoy a previously unprecedented array of betting sites to choose from.

Among the top sportsbooks for UFC online bets now operating in the Empire State are: Pointsbet app, Caesars betting site & BetMGM NY sportsbook. Live odds, parlay bets, prop betting options and odds boosters are offered.

PointsBet NY

Among the first sportsbooks to start taking wagers legally in New York State, PointsBet also offers some of the most competitive odds in the US. Accessible via web browser or by using their mobile app, PointsBet not only offers fight result odds, but also one of the widest selections of UFC props. PointsBet NY sportsbook app also adds to your sports betting experience with an array of promos and bonuses that can give you an even bigger edge when the action in the Octagon heats up. Visit


One of the biggest and most respected names in casinos and sports bettors is now open for business in New York. And given the UFC’s deep roots in Las Vegas, it is no wonder that the “King of Sportsbooks” has quickly developed a reputation for offering the most diverse and competitive UFC odds available in the industry. In addition to offering a complete slate of odds, and exceptional bonuses and promos backed by the MGM brand, BetMGM also offers live UFC betting, streaming of UFC events, as well as an intuitive, easy to use mobile app that can get you in the action, either at the arena or in the privacy of your own home. FREE live streaming is now available at BetMGM Sports!

BetRivers NY

First established as an online casinoBetRivers have quickly and successfully reinvented itself as one of the most successful online sportsbooks in America. And now, New York sports bettors can enjoy all the benefits. In addition to competitive odds on UFC fights, BetRivers sportsbook is notable for the indepth stats they provide on both their website and popular mobile app. BetRivers’ UFC betting markets are on par with its bigger and more established competitors, and offers plenty of promotions, ranging from welcome bonuses to boosted parlays.

UFC Returns to New York

UFC events have become a Saturday night fixture on television screens around the world. Typically held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, UFC events feature the promotion’s rising stars as well as main events that often set the set the stage for future championship fights.

However, as fans continue to return to sports stadiums in huge numbers, the UFC has followed. That is good news for New York fight fans, who can get up close and personal with the UFC’s biggest stars at major UFC Fight Night and monthly events held at familiar locations such as Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and UBS Arena.

UFC Online Betting in New York
UFC Online Betting in New York – BetMGM NY

Betting Options: How to Bet on the UFC in New York

The UFC has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity since its early days a quarter century ago, and is now the most popular promotion in all of combat sports. The massive popularity of UFC has not been overlooked by oddsmakers at all major NY sportsbooks, who provide sports bettors with a wide array of betting options ahead of every UFC event.

Traditionally, sports bettors in New York have been forced to place their UFC wagers at offshore sportsbooks that are not regulated by US authorities, and are often slow to pay out on winning bets. However, with legal, regulated sportsbooks now open for business in New York, both novice and sharp sports bettors can place their UFC wagers with confidence that they are enjoying the best odds available, with speedy payouts.

As the popularity of UFC grows around the world, so do the number of betting markets available at New York’s sportsbooks. Betting options are available for every sports bettor, regardless of whether you are a seasoned sharp or are trying out sports betting for the first time.

The most popular types of UFC bets online at NY sportsbooks are: moneyline bets (which fighter will win), rounds betting, fight to go the distance, over/under totals bets. Among UFC prop bets the winning method is one of the most interesting types. Here you bet on odds on how each fighter may win the match (by submission, by decision or by KO).

Those who know their fighters well, are often into parlay bets. In UFC as in any other sports parlay betting combining a few outcomes to build 2-3-4-leg parlay bet in a single ticket can give bigger return

Fight result betting

As the name suggests, fight result betting enables you to simply wager on which fighter you think will emerge victorious from a specific bout.

Fight Result

Conor McGregor +120

Dustin Poirier -145

An example of fight result odds is presented above. In this example, Dustin Poirier is listed as a -145 favorite in a clash with Conor McGregor. That means if Poirier wins the fight by any method, a $145 bet on “The Diamond” will generate winnings of $100. Conversely, UFC bettors placing a $100 bet on McGregor will enjoy a $120 payday if “The Notorious” claims the win.

Of course there is no shortage of props and future betting options available to UFC betting fans. In addition to the availability of futures odds that enable you to bet on a fight result weeks of even months in advance, fight props enable you to wager on a number of key aspects of a fight. That includes the method of victory (TKO, KO, submission, DQ, or decision), as well as how many rounds the fight will last.

As fight night approaches, the offering of betting options expands. Props bets that combine both margin of victory and round add a layer of complexity to your betting experience, but can also produce bigger payouts. You can also wager on method of victory or how the fight will end, without picking the winning fighter.

Method/Round Combo

Dustin Poirier KO/TKO and Round 1 +800

Dustin Poirier Submission and Round 2 +4000

Conor McGregor Over 2.5 Rounds +190

Above are three examples of combination props bets. In the first example, Poirier must win by KO or TKO in the first round to pay out on +800 odds, which means a successful $100 will generate $800 in winnings. A bet on Poirier to win by submission in the second round sports lucrative +4000 odds, while a $100 bet on McGregor to claim victory in a fight lasting at least three full rounds will garner you $190.

UFC Betting at Online Sportsbook in New York
UFC Betting at Online Sportsbook in New York – PointsBet NY

How to Bet On UFC Online Guide

  • Method of Victory: This is a bet on the method by which the fight will end.
  • Method/Round Combo: This is a bet on the method of victory combined with the round the fight ends in.
  • Double Chance: This is a bet on the method of victory for the fight, with outcomes grouped together.
  • Will The Fight Go The Distance: This is a bet on whether or not the fight will last through all rounds.
  • Total Rounds Over/Under 1.5: A half round is defined as the 2 minute 30 second mark in the round.
  • To Win Inside The Distance: This is a bet on a fighter to win the fight before the final round ends.

Here is a list of the most popular bet types (with explanations) you can place on UFC at the top UFC betting sites.


Moneylines are a straight win bet on the outcome of the bout. A moneyline is always calculated based on a hypothetical $100 wager. Suppose Israel Adesanya is fighting Jared Cannonier for the UFC middleweight title. Champion Adesanya is listed at a moneyline of -235. Meanwhile, challenger Cannonier is given a moneyline of +155.

In this instance, Cannonier is the underdog. A $100 bet on him would bring a profit of $155 should be win the bout. As the favorite, Adesanya’s negative number of -235 accounts what you need to bet on him to earn a $100 profit on a successful wager.


Another option for UFC betting is round betting. There are several options here. Bettors can wager on the outcome of each round of the bout – which fighter will win that round and how they will the round.

Method Of Result

A more specific wager on the outcome of the bout is a method of result wager. This play offers seven betting option. Choose a fighter and bet on that fighters to win by either points, submission or KO/TKO/disqualification. The seventh betting option would be to wager on the fight ending in a draw.

UFC Fight End Bets

A simple, straightforward play is to wager on how the fight will end. This is a yes or no bet which is asking one question – will or won’t the fight go the distance?


Future book wagering is for bettors who don’t mind waiting to see if they won. In UFC online betting, future betting often takes on unusual aspects. Often, they are questions about potential outcomes in the sport. It might be whether Conor McGregor will contest a bout during the calendar year. It could also be a wager on whether a speculative bout will be taking place.


A parlay play is much like a future book wager in that it’s possible to gain a significant return on a minimal investment. In this instance, though, not nearly as much patience will be required Parlays combine a number of outcomes into a single wager. On major UFC cards, online sports betting apps like Caesars will provide parlay plays on the card, often with boosted odds on the outcome.

Useful UFC Betting Resources

The UFC’s massive surge in popularity has contributed to the steady growth in online resources that savvy sports bettors can use to find an additional edge on fight night. Podcasts, news media and YouTube channels dedicated to all aspects of MMA can provide sports bettors with insight into what to expect when your favorite fighters enter the Octagon. In addition, a growing number of sportsbooks are increasing their offering on betting tools like betting calculators, as well as live streaming of UFC events that enable you to take in the action at home, in the office, or on the road.

  1. Kelly’s Sports Bar: 12 Ave A New York, NY 10009.
  2. Slainte Bar & Lounge: 304 Bowery New York, NY 10012.
  3. East End Bar & Grill: 1672 3rd Ave, New York, NY.

UFC Betting FAQs

What is UFC?

UFC is an American mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Can I bet on the UFC online in New York?

UFC has enjoyed spectacular success at sportsbooks in New York. You can take advantage a wide array of betting options, including wagering on which fighter will win a fight, the method of victory, as well as how many rounds each fight will last.

How can I watch the UFC?

UFC Fight Night action is broadcast on ESPN/ESPN+ and is streamed on the UFC mobile app. UFC numbered events are available on PPV.

When do UFC events take place?

UFC Fight Night events take place every Saturday night, with most of these taking place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. However, the UFC has also brought the action to New York on several occasions, wowing capacity crowds at venues like Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and UBS Arena.

When is UFC Fight Night preliminary card?

UFC Fight Night preliminary card action typically gets underway early in the evening, with the main event getting underway at 8:00pm ET. UFC numbered events take place once a month, also on Saturday nights, with the main card typically getting underway at 10:00pm ET.

Is live betting available on UFC fights in New York?

Live betting allowes you rot bet on teh fight as it happens. Many sportsbook apps offer free streaming and in-game real time updated odds. Download tha app, install on your Android or iOS phone, register an account and claim your bonus to enhance your odds and bet on UFC games with extra funds.

How does my UFC bet close if the fighter withdraws?

If a Fighter withdraws in the period between rounds, the fight is usually deemed to have ended in the previous round for the purpose of “Round Betting” settlement.

What does No Contest mean in UFC betting?

In the event of a bout being classed as a ‘No Contest’, all Bets on that bout will be voided.