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New York Online Daily Fantasy Guide: Best Apps & Offers

In New York residents can legally engage in daily fantasy sports contests online. Fans in the state can play on major fantasy sports sites like Monkey Knife Fight, FanDuel and DraftKings app. When you choose to play fantasy sports games, you will find a great offering of major professional sports. At this time, no college sports are supported on DFS platforms in New York.

NY TOP Daily Fantasy Sites & Promotions

If you want to get in on the action and start winning money from sports contests, there are some amazing daily fantasy sports apps that can be accessed. These can easily be downloaded to a mobile device and can be launched from the home screen. In a matter of minutes, you can enter a contest and have your chance at being a winner! Here, you can learn about how you can start playing great DFS games online or when using a dedicated app. With many types of games, top paying bonuses, and secure processing of transactions, those in New York have many safe and secure options for engaging in DFS action.

TOP 5 Daily Fantasy Platforms for New York

FanDuel Daily Fantasy NY

Today a gaming giant with significant North American presence in both the retail and online sports betting and casino industry, daily fantasy sports is where it all began for Boston-based FanDuel in 2009. Considered an industry leader in both innovation and design, FanDuel and DraftKings are the dominant forces on the North American DFS landscape. 

Types Of Games

FanDuel offers a wide variety of games that will cater to the newbie as well as the expert player. Beginners Only is just what it suggests it will be, games for new FanDuel players only. Beat The Score games share the prize pool evenly among all winners. Those who want to keep it local can opt for Friends Mode and only compete with people they know. Tournaments are high-paying contests with guaranteed prize pools. Multipliers offer the chance to win double, triple, or even more than the entry fee. Head-To-Heads are one-on-one competitions. 

In three to 100 players, the field is shortened so you are competing against fewer players. With 50/50s, finish in the top half of the pool and you are a winner. Satellites and qualifiers are methods through which players earn entry into major contests with large prize pools. A Single Game is a salary cap contest involving picking a team to participate in a single event. The Daily Snake Draft requires players to draft teams from the pool of available players. With Best Ball, players draft a team for season-long competition, but only the top nine performers count toward the team score.

Welcome Bonus: FanDuel players gain access to an instant $10 simply for making their first entry of $1 or more into any of their DFS competitions. The $10 site credit bonus arrives in the player’s account the moment after they make that first cash entry to play FanDuel DFS. 

Monkey Knight Fight New York

MKF Daily Fantasy NY App

Monkey Knife Fight could best be described as daily fantasy sports simplified. There is not any complicated game play, or week-long or season-long events to track. Their playing system is a one and done format.

Owned by Bally’s, Monkey Knife Fight offers a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Game play is offered on action from the NFL, NBa, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, golf, soccer, and Esports. The minimum age to play DFS at Monkey Knife Fight is 18 years old.

Types Of Games

In all honesty, the method through which Monkey Knife Fight operates is much closer to a sports betting site than a daily fantasy sports site. Some of their contests have the feel of a sports betting prop bet, while others more closely resemble a parlay play. You’re also playing against the house instead of other players.

Predicting outcomes is a key element of game play at Monkey Knife Fight. They are not complicated competitions. In most cases, players are making an either/or choice, similar to a 50/50 play. 

Types of contests include rapidfire, stat shootouts and more or less. More or Less is self explanatory. Competitors are picking whether a player or players will go over or under an established total on that day’s games. Rapid Fired asks competitors to select between two players as to which will accumulate more points that day. With stat shootout, a number is pre-established – say 5.5 hits. Competitors then select from a list of supplied players three players who must combine to exceed that total in that day’s games.

Bonus And New Player Offer: New players who sign up with Monkey Knife Fight receive a 100 percent matching first deposit bonus up to a maximum amount of $100. Thus, were a player to deposit $20, they would get a $20 bonus. These bonus funds are awarded in the form of site credit, as opposed to real cash.

The minimum deposit at Monkey Knife Fight is $10. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

Owners Box DFS

OwnersBox DFS New York

Owners Box offers daily fantasy sports play in four different sports. There are fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy basketball. It is available for legal and regulated play in 36 states, including New York. 

At Owners Box, they are also all about helping you succeed with your picks. They offer a variety of podcasts with tips on picks, who’s hot and who’s not. Cherry Pickin’ covers fantasy hockey. Skippers is all about fantasy baseball. The 5-Wide podcast is their football content brand. Fantasy Hoops covers the latest news in basketball DFS.

Types Of Games

Owners Box players can spin, pick and win with Lightning Lineups. It is basically DFS roulette. Here’s how it works: firstly, spin until you arrive upon a lineup that is appealing to you. The goal is to be picking the lineup that you feel will be getting the most fantasy points. Follow the players you’ve picked into game action and add up the points to nail down a victory. And the rate of return on the payout can be multiplied by adding more lineups.

With the SuperFlex, Owners Box DFS players can join daily NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL contests. Just sign up at Owners Box, pick your team in your chosen sport and then sit back and watch the live action as your players accumulate points and carry you to victory. There are many active daily fantasy contests on any given day, with prize pools ranging to as much as $50,000.

Bonus And Promotional Offers: Sign up at Owners Box and as a welcome bonus, they’ll give you one free $10 Lightning Lineups entry and an additional $10 entry into their SuperFlex DFS just for signing up. Owners Box also offers new players a matching first deposit bonus of 100% up to $500 for joining up at their DFS site.

Stat Hero DFS

StatHero DFS Site New York

To the newly initiated, daily fantasy sports can feel intimidating at first. Some of the games are certainly complicated, and it can feel as though unless you’re someone who lives and breathes sports, you are going to be finishing up the track when competing against so many expert players.

The goal and mission of Stat Hero is to alleviate that intimidating feeling. They have designed their DFS programs to be for everybody, shark or newbie. They want their site to feel all-encompassing. Their emphasis is on strategy, planning, analysis, and gameplay. On Stat Hero, your only competitor is Stat Hero. Competition is available in NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour and college football.

Types Of Games

There are just two types of games available to be played at Stat Hero. They both offer simplicity of play on a site that is known for its ease of use.   

Head to head contests are basically a form of DFS sportsbook. It is the player against Stat Hero in a one-on-one contest. With every head to head competition, Stat Hero will reveal their team and players in advance. Then the player can choose their opposing team. Both squads must make their team fit under a predetermined salary cap. The team that accumulates the most points wins. Beat Stat Hero and you’ll double your money.

DFS parlays enable you to play two or three teams against the house at the same time. Hit a two-game parlay and double your money. A three-team parlay pays out at 5x your risk.

The third type of game is Survivor. It’s like a survivor pool in fantasy football, with a twist. Stat Hero picks a roster of players from a single NFL team. Players also pick their roster from a single NFL team. If your players outscore the Stat Hero squad, you survive to play again the next week. And each win garners prize money for successful players. The game continues until there’s just one team left standing and that player gets 50 percent of the prize pool.

Bonus And Promotional Offers: Stat Hero offers to new players a 50 percent matching first deposit signup bonus worth up to $250.

Underdog DFS

Underdog daily fantasy NY

Who doesn’t root for an underdog? Well, when you play Underdog Fantasy, you will be rooting for yourself. At Underdog Fantasy, they offer daily, weekly, season-long and pick’em contests. Games are available online or via the Underdog Fantasy app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

There are best-ball tournaments with prize pools of $10 million, including $2 million to the winner of the tourney. Among the investors in the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Underdog Fantasy concept are Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and ESPN senior writer Adam Schefter.

Types Of Games

Underdog Fantasy delivers a four pack of variety when it comes to game play. Here is a breakdown of how each game works.

With best ball, players are assigned the task of selecting a team via a snake draft. It’s a season-long contest and Underdog will automatically select the highest-scoring player for each team in each sport at the end of every week.

In battle royale, players again select lineups via a snake draft. In this case, competitors are competing against each other over the course of a week.

A pick’em contest requires that the player select a squad of between two and five players. Once a team is chosen, players then must choose whether the selected players will gover over or under on a series of predetermined fantasy stats. It’s similar to playing player props inside an online sports betting site. The more picks a player correctly makes, the higher their payout will be. 

Then there is rivals: in this game, two players are competing in a fantasy category. It could be passing yards between Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. Players pick a minimum of two fantasy stats and play it the way they think the outcome will go.

New Customer Promo: Underdog Fantasy offers new players a signup bonus worth up to $100. It’s doled out in the form of a matching first deposit bonus. To garner this welcome bonus offer, players must enter the promo code UDPROMO22 once they sign up at Underdog Fantasy.

How to Play DFS Games & Basic Rules for New York Players

With daily fantasy sports, players will enter contests that end in a short amount of time. Some can last a day while others will last a few hours. The goal is to choose a sport and then pick a team of players that will be based on a salary cap. Those players will then earn points based on how they perform during a game. Once teams have been created, players can enter contests. Every entry fee will increase the prize pool and after the contest ends, players will be paid cash rewards based on performance.

The advantage of DFS is that it allows sports fans to enjoy earning money without having to make a long-term commitment. You do not have to worry about odds as these are not in play as with traditional sports betting. Even those that have never bet on sports in the past can quickly get started with DFS. It is a simple and easy way to win real money while enjoying your favorite sports and players.

  • How To Play New York DFS: New York DFS sites offer competition in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA basketball and football, EPL and other soccer leagues, tennis, NASCAR, WNBA and golf.
  • Types Of New York DFS Games: There are daily, weekly and season-long events offered, as well as tournaments, head to head competitions, 50-50s, pick’ems, daily snake drafts, multipliers and best ball events in golf. 
  • New York DFS Payment Methods: New York DFS sites accept traditional payment options such as debit and credit cards. There are also e-wallet options including PayPal.
  • New York DFS Promotional Offers: Fantasy sites do offer incentives to encourage new players to sign up. Underdog Fantasy provides a match to a player’s initial deposit up to $100. Deposit $10 or more at FanDuel and receive two free contest entries. DraftKings offers up to $520 in incentive bonuses. Both Outlast and Winview deliver $20 upon a player’s first deposit to their sites.
  • New York Fantasy Betting Rules: The New York Gaming Commissions handles licensing and regulation of all forms of gambling in the state. Daily fantasy sports also fall under their realm. Players must be at least 18 years of age to participate in DFS in New York state. The taxation rate on winnings is 25 percent. 
  • List Of New York DFS Sites: There are a number of DFS sites legally operating in New York. While DraftKings and FanDuel are certainly the most well-known, DFS players in the Empire State are offered the chance to play at a number of other DFS options from which to choose. All DFS sites offer mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. These platforms include: DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, Monkey Knife Fight, Outlast, Underdog Fantasy.
Play Daily Fantasy in New York
Play Daily Fantasy in New York – OwnersBox App.

Types of Games

Before you start entering cash contests on a DFS site, it is important to understand the different types of games that are featured. Each site in New York will have various contests that are available and players can enter these for different amounts. These contests can be played with any supported sport. In New York, most DFS sites will feature popular sports that include basketball, baseball, hockey, football, soccer, golf, tennis, and motorsports. Take a look at the type of games that can be enjoyed and enter a contest for a chance to win top payouts. 

  • 50/50s and Double Ups: these types of fantasy games are a larger version of a head-to-head contest and can include 10 to thousands of entrants. Those who are able to finish in the top half will split a cash prize pool evenly. Almost every payout will double the amount of the buy-in. 
  • Guaranteed Tournaments: these events have a guaranteed prize pool and some can offer amounts as high as $1 million. Players can make multiple entries and the amount of the payout will be determined in advance. The payouts are similar to what is awarded with a poker tournament and will be based on the finishing scores.
  • Head-to-Head Games: with these contests, you will engage in a one-on-one competition and face a single opponent. There is a set buy-in amount and the player that has the highest scoring team will win a cash prize. These contests are found at every operating DFS site in New York and are the simplest way to get started as a new DFS player. 

When it comes to daily fantasy sports, residents over the age of 18 are able to enter contests and win payouts online. Daily fantasy sports are considered to be games of chance which make them legal in New York. If you are ready to play games online and enjoy the world of DFS, there are some great apps that can be accessed. These are all legal in New York and provide players with many ways to enter contests and enjoy the thrills of tournaments and payouts.

Some of the best legal apps that can be accessed include:

  • DraftKings 
  • FanDuel
  • Outlast
  • Underdog Fantasy
  • Fantasy Draft
  • Monkey Knife Fight
NY Daily Fantasy Apps
NY Daily Fantasy Apps – StatHero DFS

NY Daily Fantasy Sites Bonus Offers and Promotions

When choosing a DFS site in New York, you will find there are various bonuses and promotions that can be enjoyed. There are offers for new members just getting started as well as deals for those that are returning to the site. Bonuses can enhance the gaming experience and provide more opportunities to enter contests and win real money payouts. Take a look at the best types of bonus offers you can find in New York and claim a top-paying deal at a trusted site today!

  • Deposit Bonus–this is the most common form of a bonus presented at DFS sites in NY. Most of the operators available will welcome new members when they make their first real money deposit. The deposit bonus will present a match on the amount of that deposit. The bonus funds can then be used to enter a variety of contests.
  • Free Contests–many sites will want to attract new members and will do so by presenting a free contest entry. This offer is typically a no deposit deal. You simply have to create an account at a trusted DFS site in New York. Once the account is open, the site will credit the account with a free entry to help you get started.
  • Referral Bonuses–online sites want to get as many players as possible. As a registered member, you can earn free money or free entries by referring a friend to the site. When they sign up and deposit money, you will be awarded a bonus that allows you to play more exciting games.

Estimates are that 10 percent of all daily fantasy sports players in the United States are residents of New York state. DFS has been legal in the Empire State since 2016.  

DFS vs Sports Betting

Sports betting is considered at its heart to be a game of chance. DFS, on the other hand, is viewed more like a game of skill. In sports betting, players are competing against the house with their wagers. 

Forms of fantasy sports have existed as far back as the 1960s. They involve people selecting teams of actual athletes and utilizing the statistics of those players to compete against other teams that have also selected a team of real athletes in the same sport. 

In New York, interactive fantasy sports are not considered to be games of chance because they consist of simulation sports contests that are selected based upon the skill and knowledge of the participants. Contestants have control over the players they choose. The outcome of the event is not dependent upon any one player or actual team.

The difference with DFS compared to traditional fantasy sports is that in most cases, competition takes place in one day, rather than over the course of a season.  

NY Daily Fantasy FAQs

How do you register for a DFS account in New York?

It’s a relatively easy and painless process. Players will be required to provide a date of birth and an active email address. Verification of his information will be a requirement of registration. A unique username and password must also be created. Two factor authentication can be included for added account security. 

Is DFS considered to be gambling?

Not in New York. There are US states that consider DFS to be a form of gambling. In New York, since there are no odds as with a sports bet and players are competing for a set prize pool, DFS is viewed as being the same as a lottery or a raffle.  

What is the age limit to play DFS in New York?

All New York DFS players must be at least 18 years of age.