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What Does +135 Mean In A UFC Betting Line

What Does +135 Mean In A UFC Betting Line?

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In a UFC betting line, the moneyline is a straight bet wager on the outcome of a bout. It might look something like this:

UFC Fighter Moneyline Explained

Alex Perez +135

Alexandre Pantoja -148

In this case, Pantoja at -148 is the betting favorite. Oddsmakers are anticipating that he will win the fight. Perez is the underdog. He’s given positive odds because he is not expected to emerge victorious from the bout.

That +135 next his name is meaning that Perez would deliver a positive return on investment should he indeed pull off the upset and win the fight. 

The moneyline wager in terms of an underdog is a reflection of what a winning $100 wager on that fighter would payout to those who place UFC bets online with these NY sportsbooks who were opting to back him prior to the bout.

Bet $100 on Perez and if he wins the fight over Pantoja, you will turn a profit of $135 on that $100 play. In total, the return to you will be $235 – your original $100 stake, as well as your winnings on that wager of $135.

Those positive odds can also be found in other UFC wagers. In a bet on total rounds, the positive number in the odds is a reflection of which outcome between the over and under that oddsmakers believe is less likely to occur. 

Play a parlay on a UFC fight card and you’ll also see positive numbers reflected in the total potential payout. The more legs you add to your UFC parlay play, the larger that number will grow. When betting UFC in NY use betting promo codes for BetMGM or BetRivers to boost your chances.

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