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moneyline bets explained

Placing Moneyline Bets in New York

Bet the moneyline on your favorite sports. Find the latest odds on football, basketball and hockey and go with your gut! We’ll show you how to get started with moneyline betting in New York and help you find the best signup deals. 

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Let’s start with the basics.

What are Moneyline Bets?

A moneyline bet is a wager on the outcome of a single game. You simply back whether a team or player will win. You can also bet on the tie/draw in some markets. With the legalization of single-game betting in sports, the legal landscape in the US has changed beyond all recognition. You can now legally place moneyline bets by themselves or in parlays at legal New York online sportsbook apps. 

How does moneyline work with example?

Simply put, moneyline odds enable you to place bet on a game or other event, such as which team will emerge as the outright winner, with the payout determined by moneyline odds. For example, if the New York Yankees are listed as -145 favorites in a game versus the Boston Red Sox, a successful $145 bet on the Yankees will generate winnings of $100. And if you took the Red Sox as +120 underdogs, a successful $100 bet will net you winnings of $120.

Moneyline Betting in New York: Bet Types & Examples

Decide which sport to bet on and which team or player you want to back. The moneyline bet is the easiest market to bet on in fixed-odds wagering in New York and elsewhere in the USA. 

Single Bet: NY sportsbooks let you place bets on just one outcome. For example, you might want to back the Philadelphia Eagles at the Broncos for a win. The betting site will list the prices in American odds:

Eagles @ -110
Broncos @ +110

The Eagles are made the favorites and are -110. That means you would have to bet $110 in order to win $100 profit. The Broncos’ price of +110 money line means you will win $110 on a stake of $100 if they pulled off a victory. 

Parlay: You can combine moneyline bets in one wager, called a ‘parlay’. Every leg of your parlay must win for the entire bet to win. 


Eagles @ -110
Dolphins @ +200
49ers @ -110
Bears @ +110

You pick four teams to win in the moneyline markets. After selecting each outcome, it’s automatically added to your betslip. The computer calculates the total odds and return for a unit stake. 

In our example, the combined odds for all four results are +2296. So, for a $100 stake, you’d win $2,296.  

Futures: Most moneyline markets are in the pregame arena. Pregame odds are available a day or two before the game. However, you can also bet on moneyline odds months ahead of time. Futures markets offer prices on big competitions such as the Super Bowl and World Cup. 

Combo: You can also combine multiple money lines bets in a system bet. With our four outcomes, for example, you could combine doubles (two results) and trebles (three results). 

Enhanced Odds: Many NY sportsbooks offer enhanced prices on selected markets. You’ll find the day’s enhanced odds in their own dedicated tab in the sportsbook lobby. Some sportsbooks also allow you to choose which moneyline bets you want to enhance. 

It’s easy to start out with moneyline betting at NY online sportsbooks. You’ll need to set up an account online or download a dedicated mobile app. 

How to read moneylines at NY sportsbooks?

New York moneyline odds are typically presented using the American odds format. When picking a game winner in moneyline bettor, the favorite will sport negative odds, which indicate how much you must wager to win $100. Positive odds indicate how much you can win if you wager $100.

What does a +200 moneyline mean?

With moneyline betting, you can place a bet simply on whether your favorite team will win or lose. If the moneyline odds are +200, that means a successful $100 wager will generate winnings of $200. While moneyline odds are commonly used for handicapping straight up winners in a game, they can also be used to determine the payout on a variety of more exotic bets, such as totals, futures, and props.

What are the outcomes on a moneyline bet?

There are three moneyline bets outcomes: Loss, Win and “Draw” or “Draw no bet”.

How does a moneyline bet on an udnerdog work?

An underdog is represented by a plus sign (+) on the moneyline. So if you wager £100 on +150 it means you want to win $150. You total payout in this instance will be $250.

Is moneyline betting legal in New York?

Yes, since the introduction of legal, regulated mobile sports betting in New York State in January 2022, sports bettors in the Empire State can get in on moneyline betting.

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