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What Is Round Betting In UFC

What Is Round Betting In UFC?

The standard straight bet options on UFC are not as in depth as it is with other sports, so prop wagers tend to play a larger role in the wagering on the sport. One of the most popular form of prop betting on UFC offered at online betting sites in New York such as DraftKings sportsbook is called round betting.

Round betting begins with the name itself. Bettors can wager on the outcome of each round. With this wager, they are selecting which fighter will win the round. Playing a draw bet is another available option via this betting market.

There are five other types of round betting props that can be played on a UFC bout

Total Rounds

Like most sporting events, UFC does offer a wager on the total. In their sport, though, the total play is on the number of rounds in a bout. For example, in a five-round UFC world title bout, the total for a bout might be 3.5 rounds. Bettors determine whether to play the over or the under on that wager.

Fight To Go The Distance

Another possible avenue in round betting is to wager a yes/no play on whether the fight will go the full distance and head to the judges’ cards in order to reach a decision. 

Exact Round

With this wager, bettors are selecting the round that they believe the bout will end. This wager can be played in two fashions. Bettors can simply select the round that things will finish. Or, in order to grab a little more juice from their squeeze, they can pick the round the bout will conclude and also which fighter will be the winner.

Exact Round With Method Of Victory

Another twist to round betting is adding the method through which the conclusion of the bout was reached to the exact round it happened. Thus, the wager could be submission in the second round. An additional option to draw better odds on the play would be to include the winning fighter, such as Alexander Volkanovski by TKO/KO in Round 3.

Grouped Round Betting

A bit of a more challenging and complicated play, grouped round betting is self explanatory. Bettors are selecting a group of rounds in a bout and picking a fighter to win those rounds. For example, were Kamaru Usman fighting in a UFC world title bout, players could place a group round betting play on him to win Rounds 3-4-5.

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