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How To Make A Betting Poll For UFC Fights

How To Make A Betting Poll For UFC Fights

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The UFC isn’t merely an exciting sport, it’s among the most popular sports in America, especially with the younger set. The demographics for UFC viewers is 75 percent male and 60 percent males between the ages of 25-44. 

It’s also one of the fastest-growing betting sports in New York. And it’s mostly that same demographic which is wagering on UFC bouts. That’s an age bracket that is digitally friendly, active on social media and like the competitors they cheer on, always up for a fight.

Well, rather, a good, healthy debate. UFC fans are, shall we say, quite attached to their favorite fighters and ready and willing to go into verbal jousting battles with any keyboard warrior who is suggesting that their guy isn’t the guy.

What Are Betting Polls?

Polls are a popular method of determining public opinion and public betting is sometimes a way that people determine how they might bet on a UFC bout. If the public is betting heavily on one fighter, it can cause the odds to be tipping in that competitor’s favor. 

Some New York online sportsbooks are willing to share this information of how their bets and handle are moving on a specific fight or fight card. The majority of them don’t, however.

That doesn’t preclude you from doing you own digging, though. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer the ability to put together polls that then can be sent out into cyberspace to decipher where the masses are sending the action on a specific bout. It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes. 

Once the data has been gathered then you can decide whether to keep it to yourself or share it with your audience. The next decision will be whether you go with the public selection on the fight, or opt to be contrarian and fade the public.

Photo by Jeka Demidov on Unsplash

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