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Best Live Streaming Services For UFC In Play Betting

As the number of people who are choosing to cut the cord and get rid of their cable and satellite cotinues to increase, finding ways to watch live sporting events such as UFC cards is a new challenge.

Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s important to know which ones offer live UFC bouts before signing up to a service. 

These are among the best live streaming sites for viewing UFC action:

  1. ESPN: The world sports leader has gone big time into UFC, making a long-term commitment to the sport. While major events figure to be broadcast on the ESPN network channels, many undercard and preliminary bouts are also being carried on the ESPN+ streaming service. 
  2.  YouTube UFC Channel: YouTube is becoming a significant player in the world of online sports broadcasting and it’s a wonderful medium for viewing live UFC bouts. Numerous complete UFC fights are broadcast on the UFC YouTube channel. As well, it’s a one-stop location for all things UFC, from previews of fights with expert analysis to highlights of past bouts and feature interviews.
  3. FOX Sports GO: The streaming channel of the FOX network, FOX Sports GO is another essential get for UFC bettors seeking to keep tabs on the progress of live bouts. Several UFC cards will be carried on this streaming service. 
  4. Amazon Prime: Many UFC bouts are pay-per-view events and now, UFC bettors can stream all of these major events via Amazon Prime. Check in at to get regular updates on which UFC fights are available.
  5. Hulu: There’s a similar offer through Hulu to stream UFC pay-per-view fight cards. This can be done whether or not someone is a Hulu subscriber.
  6. DirecTV Stream: With DirecTV’s streaming service, all of the UFC cards broadcast by ESPN are available to subscribers. 

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Where To Watch UFC Online

UFC Fight Night and related events are broadcast every Saturday on ESPN/ESPN+, with paid subscribers also able to stream all fights using the UFC mobile app. Live preliminary card action typically gets underway in the early evening, with the main event usually kicking off at 8:00pm ET. UFC numbered events are typically held once a month. They are broadcast on PPV, attracting millions of viewers from around the world.

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