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NBA Online Betting in New York

Our NBA betting guide is for those who want to place bets online in New York and can do it legally at online sportsbooks such as BetRivers or BetMGM. Get your questions answered!

After the king of all sports betting, the NFL, the NBA is strong second-place holder in the wagering hearts of North American sports bettors. One that the NBA clearly has in its favor is that it is a global game, perhaps second only to soccer in worldwide approval. Basketball can count billions of fans in just about every corner of the planet.

One factor that makes the NBA a popular betting sport is that of the four major North American sports – the NFL, NHL and MLB being the others – the NBA is the one where the form charts tend to hold with the most consistency. Over the past decade, all but eight NBA teams show a better than 50 percent home-court winning percentage. The top teams in the league win nearly seven out of every 10 home games.

In the NBA, favorites win just about 60 percent of all games played.

Here is how to place NBA bets online, build a successful strategy and make profits.

We explain all types of NBA bets you can place online in New York.

NBA Online Betting Explained NY

Betting on the NBA Basketball Online

Whether you follow the Lakers or just want to find value on total points and rebounds, there’s a betting line for you. New York mobile sportsbook apps run lines on the winner of the game (moneyline), the number of points (totals) and the point spread. Plus, you can bet on small events taking place during the NBA game.

To find the betting line you want, open the sportsbook lobby and click on ‘Basketball’ in the menu. Alternatively, find your games by sorting the list in date order. You’ll find a list of ‘live’ games for in-play betting, or ‘upcoming’ markets for pregame wagering. You can also bring up futures bets that won’t take place for days or months.

Futures NBA Bets

Future book wagering is for the patient bettors in the bunch. They’re willing to trade the chance to wager a little to win a lot in exchange for having to wait until the end of the season to see if their bet will cash. They might be wagering on the winner of the NBA Finals. Or it could be a player future, such as who will be voted the Defensive Player of the Year.

Futures wagers are bets on NBA Finals winners, oftentimes before the season has even begun. You may find value on certain teams without knowing which teams are likely to get their seasons off to a good start.

NBA Parlay Bets

The parlay is similar to the future bet in that you can bet a little and win a lot. Only you don’t have to wait nearly as long to find out if you’ve won. Parlays combine a number of outcomes into one wager. Bettors can put together a parlay card with different games, or they can choose to play a same game parlay, in which multiple outcomes from one game are assembled. Remember, though, that all legs must come in for the parlay wager to cash.

NBA Prop Betting

Props are wagers on outcomes within the event. It could be a team prop, such as which club will be leading the game after one quarter of play. There are also player props, such as over/unders on 3-point field goals made during a game.

Prop bets are wagers on specific outcomes during an NBA game. Oftentimes, they have nothing to do with the final score. Basketball is great for props as there are so many individual stats that rack up during the game.

NBA Player Prop Bet Types: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Three-Pointers, Blocks, Total (Points+Assists+Rebounds)

NBA Game Props: Race to 5/10/15/20/25/30 points, Winning margin, Odd/Even Total Points.

Ever been on a vacation with family and to pass the time on the highway, you begin taking guesses on what color the next car that passes by will be? If so, then you are already familiar with proposition, or prop wagering.

Prop bets are plays made on outcomes within the course of play during an NBA game. In its simplest term, it’s an educated guess on something that will or won’t happen during play.

Oddsmakers set totals for a variety of events that take place during a game. Bettors wager on the over or under on that total.

Some props will be related to the result of the game, while others will not. An example of the latter could be a prop on which club will be scoring the first basket of the game.

Props can be both team and player oriented. It might be on total shots taken by the Los Angeles Lakers during the first quarter. Or it could be on how many three point field goals Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors will hit during a game.

Live Betting NBA

The newest form of online sports betting, live or in-play wagering is just what it claims to be. You’ll be wagering on outcomes within the game while the game is in progress. It could be a bet on which team will score the next basket, or which player will be assessed the next foul. If one bet doesn’t cash, another opportunity to make a play is upcoming in a matter of moments. The best sites for NBA live bets are Pointsbet and WynnBet. They offer HD live streaming and fast updates on odds and results.

Now, let’s take a look at where you can bet on the NBA.

Top NBA Sportsbooks in New York & Offers

NBA betting is popular in new York. The Empire State is a home to NBA basketball teams New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets as well as WNBA team New York Liberty. Bet on the NBA games with the top New York sportsbooks online offering pregame betting, NBA live odds, props, moneyline, spread and promo boosts. Bet the Finals, Playoffs or in-play and find bonuses throughout the NBA season!

Sportsbook Bonus NBA Bet Types & Regilar Promotions
BetRivers $100 Free Bet, Promo code NYBRV Futures (Championship), pregame betting, NBA live betting, props, moneyline, spread, totals. Booster tokens, enhanced NBA odds
FanDuel Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000 Futures (Championship), pregame, in-play, props, moneyline, spread, totals
WynnBet Bet $50, Win $200 Futures (Championship), pregame, in-play, props and moneyline bets, spreads, in-play NBA odds. Parlay boosts, basketball parlay bonuses, Cash Out
Caesars $1,250 Bet Insurance NBA futures (Championship), pregame, NBA Live specials, props
BetMGM Free Bet Deal $1,000 Pregame and in-game betting props, moneyline, spread, totals. NBA parlay bets boosts, refer-a-friend offer, free bets on playoffs, MGM Rewards, customized NBA promotions, Cash Out options

NBA Sportsbooks New York
NBA Sportsbooks New York – BetMGM

NBA Sportsbook Bonuses

You can claim NBA promotions all through the season. Sportsbook bonuses vary from site to site but usually involve a mix of free bets and enhanced odds.

For example, Caesars Sportsbook offers a free bet whenever you place a real-money single bet. BetMGM NY offers customized offers to NBA fans when you tell them your No. 1 pick in the NBA.

You can also join a loyalty rewards scheme when you bet on your favorite NBA games. You’ll earn player points just by betting pregame or in-play on NBA markets. You can save your points to make bonus purchases in the rewards store or redeem points for cash.

You can set up a New York sportsbook account in minutes. You must be 21 or over to open your account and ensure you have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to complete the registration.

First, sign up online or download a mobile sportsbook app. Some sportsbooks will require additional photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license scan. You may also need a promo code to claim your welcome free bet bonus for NBA bets.

What happens to your NBA bet if the game is postponed? If the game got postponed all your NBA bets void with the exception of games played in the Olympic Games, where bets will stand on the match if it is played before the closing ceremony.

Popular NBA Betting Events

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the main professional league for basketball in the US and Canada. The league contains 30 teams split into two conferences (Eastern Conference and Western Conference). The season-ending NBA Finals take place in May/June and are contested between the champions of the Eastern and Western conferences.

The NBA Finals consist of a best-of-seven series of games. Whoever wins the most games wins the Finals. As well as the NBA Finals, you can bet on the NBA Playoffs and all games included.