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-1450 Mean When Betting On NBA Playoffs

What Does -1450 Mean When Betting On NBA Playoffs?

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The NBA playoffs are about to get underway and the excitement is palpable. Suppose you were to call up the day’s NBA playoff odds through an online sports betting site like DraftKings. You see that the Golden State Warriors are -1450 favorites over the New Orleans Pelicans in the moneyline on Game 1 of their series.

-1450 Odds in NBA Betting

First of all, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get such lopsided odds on an NBA game, regular season or playoffs. Putting that number into perspective, the implied probability of victory on a -1450 favorite would be 93.55 percent. A $100 wager at those odds would return a paltry payday of $107.

It’s more feasible that you’d see odds that are one-sided such as this in NCAA basketball than NBA games. College sports occasionally deliver this level of difference between favorites and underdogs when powerful programs play non-conference games against much weaker opponents, often referred to as cupcakes by oddsmakers.

Through both live betting and prop wagers, New York online sports betting sites, such as BetRivers, BetMGM and DraftKings make available other options for total wagering during the course of an NBA game. There is action offered on the total following the first and third quarter, as well as at halftime. Also, bettors can choose to wager on one-team totals for each of these junctures and of course, for the final score.

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