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What Is NBA Referee Betting

What Is NBA Referee Betting

Is there a more popular lament among fans of sports than to blame a failed outcome on the game officials? Those who wear stripes have been taking the brunt of fan abuse for decades and it’s no different in the NBA. Fans will complain about every call that goes against their team, no matter how blatantly obvious the foul committed might be. 

However, did you know you could bet on the NBA based on the supposed influence of the game officials involved?

Betting sites in New York have been charting the work of NBA referees for years. In fact, there are web sites devoted solely to tracking the won-loss records of every NBA team based upon the people working the whistles. Use betting bonus codes for BetRivers and BetMGM NY to boost your chances.

Refereeing Can Open Up Betting Opportunities

Now, we’re not suggesting that the officials are deliberately impacting the outcome of games. That being said, every referee has their own unique style of calling a game and that most certainly can affect how you might want to wager on that game.

Referees who call plenty of fouls, combined with a team that is a strong shooter of free throws, is a factor that might make the over on the total look to be a solid play. 

Online betting sites recognize the impact refereeing can make on a game. Many of them offer referee-specific stats on each NBA game official.

Who oversees the most home victories? The most road wins? Which referee calls the most fouls?

All of this data is available to be searched, as are each team’s won-loss record while having their games called by every NBA official. 

Photo by Abhishek Chandra on Unsplash

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