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What Is Regulation 3-Way NBA Betting

What Is Regulation 3-Way NBA Betting?

An NBA 3-way bet is just what it sounds like it would be – a bet on an NBA game which offers three possible outcomes. You can do it with these top NY sportsbooks online, such as BetRivers sport and BetMGM.

A 3-way bet takes in the usual favorite and underdog that are included in a standard moneyline on an NBA betting line. The difference in a 3-way bet is that the possibility of a draw is not included in the standard betting options. The three-way bet is similar to the type of moneyline offers that are commonplace in soccer betting. 

What’s that you say? Draws aren’t possible in the NBA. All games are played to a conclusion, even if overtime proves necessary to complete the outcome.

Yes, that’s true. However, an NBA 3-way bet is based upon regulation time only. Thus, should the game finish in a deadlock following the regulation four quarters of 48 minutes playing time, with a 3-way bet, this result would be considered a draw.

In other words, should the game go to overtime and you’ve wagered on the draw in an NBA 3-way bet, you’re a winner.

Advantages And Disadvantages of 3-Way Betting

The advantage to NBA 3-way betting is that since there are three options to play, the odds tend to be a bit more favorable than with a standard moneyline wager. The implied probability of winning with a 3-way bet is 35 percent.

Another positive is that you can opt to middle a 3-way bet. You play one outcome with one online sportsbook and hedge your bet by playing a different outcome on the same game at a rival sports betting site.

However, it’s those same three options that can prove to be the downfall of placing a 3-way bet on an NBA game. Three outcomes means that your chances of losing the bet are two out of three. With a standard moneyline, the won/loss percentages are 50-50.

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