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NBA Betting strategies New York

What is the Best NBA Betting Strategy and How to Calculate ROI?

There are a number of betting strategies that can be employed to aid in pursuit of successful wagering on the NBA.

Let’s look at some of the better tips that can put money in your bank account.

Narrow Your Focus

There’s so much to bet on when it comes to the NBA. Online sportsbooks in New York, such as BetRivers, offer daily odds boosts, free bets, and special promos for those who bet on NBA games. That’s why it’s best to select one area to make your focus and to put all of your energy into knowing that aspect of the game inside and out.

If you just want to focus on moneyline wagering, then go for it. The same can be said if your area of focus proves to be point spreads or totals. No matter which is your choice, learn which teams are the most effective and factor in other variables such as they against the spread record on the road and as an underdog, for example.

Bet Early

Top online betting sites will always have their odds on that day’s games bright and early in the morning. If you know the way you are planning to wager that day, the best course of action is to get that wager down as soon as possible.

If oddsmakers slip up when posting a line on a game, you’ll want to catch the miscue before they get the chance to rectify it. As well, don’t be afraid to sign up with a number of betting sites. This will enable you to shop odds between sportsbooks and get the best price. 

Does a certain team struggle at home? Are there teams that can’t win the second game of back to backs?

On today’s information highway, there’s more data available than ever before. Take advantage of this reality to improve your betting habits.

Injuries are a Vital Element

It’s mandatory that you stay on top of the latest injury news. NBA teams are regulated by the league to be truthful about all injuries to players on their roster. They risk significant fines if they choose to hide the facts.

Know the NBA Schedule Inside and Out

With 82 games to be played each regular season, every NBA team will encounter instances when the schedule works in their favor and when it turns against them.

You should also be acutely aware of these quirks of the NBA schedule. Which teams are near the end of a long road trip and figure to be weary? Teams playing the second game of back to backs are often susceptible to defeat.

Calculating ROI On NBA Betting

Whether playing the stock market, purchasing unique collectibles or antiques, or betting on the NBA, it’s always a wise decision to calculate the potential return on investment before laying out any money in such a transaction. 

You wouldn’t buy a stock like GM or Microsoft unless you have the expectation of making money. Definitely, you’re not outlying a large sum of cash on that original Beatles album or Michael Jordan rookie card without the belief that they will only continue to grow in value. 

Well, the same approach should be taken when laying a wager on an NBA game. When buying stocks or memorabilia, the wise investor does their research, knows the value of the stock or collectible prior to making the purchase. As well, they are aware of how much each item has increased in value over a specific period of time, giving them a reasonable expectation for ROI in the future.

An NBA bet is no different and should be considered in the same category. Why would you risk your hard-earned money without first calculating the potential reward that could be realized? 

Too many people make the mistake of not treating sports betting as a form of investment. It most certainly is exactly that. You can be certain that the smart money in NBA betting is doing this, and so should you.

Deciphering the ROI in NBA Betting

The biggest difference between the first two investments and NBA betting is the time allotted to expect an ROI to be delivered. The stock and collectibles markets require patience to see reward realize for the risk. In NBA betting, the profit can be realized in the matter of a few hours.

But how do you know how much that bill will return to your coffers? The formula isn’t all that complicated. Let’s suppose the Chicago Bulls are playing host to the Indiana Pacers in an NBA Eastern Conference game. Oddsmakers are listing the Bulls as -125 home favorites. You also like the Bulls and place a $100 moneyline wager on them to win the game.

First, though, let’s figure out the profit that bet could add to your coffers should it come in. To calculate ROI, first figure out the payout on a winning wager. At odds of -125, a $100 wager would return a payout of $180. 

To calculate the ROI, first subtract the stake from the payout (180-100=80). That’s your profit on the bet. Next, divide the profit by the stake (80-100=0.8). Thus, the ROI on this bet would be 80 percent. 

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