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What Is Overtime Work In NBA Betting

What Is Overtime Work In NBA Betting

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You’ve bet on an NBA game between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, placing a moneyline wager on the Knicks to win. At the end of regulation time, the score is tied at 98-98. 

The teams are heading to overtime. Now what happens to your bet? 

Nothing at all, as a matter of fact. The ticket is still live. Your moneyline wager includes the potential that the game may require overtime in order to reach a decision. 

It’s the same whether the bet played was a point spread or total wager. If the game goes to overtime, the wager stays live and isn’t concluded until the game reaches a conclusion. 

Of course, that’s not good news if you bet the under on the total, or you played the underdog in a point spread bet. Should the favorite cover thanks to overtime, or the over become the winning play during extra time, sorry about your luck. You lose your bet.

Excluding Overtime From An NBA Bet

It is possible to eliminate the impact of overtime from a straight NBA wager. Mobile sports betting apps such as BetMGM or WynnBET will offer 48-minute or regulation time plays on NBA games. 

Make this bet and you will be removing the possibility of overtime impacting your wager. Your bet is decided entirely by what occurs during regulation play. This wager also adds the option of a third play on the moneyline, the chance to bet on a draw in an NBA game. 

The draw would mean the game is tied through four quarters and it will be heading into overtime. The draw price will usually be quite lucrative but remember, it’s going to be a rare occurrence. A little over six percent of NBA games require overtime in order to reach a decision. 

Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

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