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Oh, those lovable New York Knicks.

If you are a fan of the Knicks, you will know that this team has provided nothing but angst and heartbreak over the last four decades. Yes, there were the occasional seasons like 1999, when New York stunned the world and made the National Basketball Association Finals. That was right after the final year of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls dynasty, and the NBA was looking for a new team to step up and take the mantle. Was it the Knicks’ turn?

No: the San Antonio Spurs, who beat New York in 1999, won four titles between 1999 and 2007 (and added a fifth in 2014). The Los Angeles Lakers won five titles between 2000 and 2010 (and added a sixth in 2020), while the Miami Heat (three titles since 2005) and Golden State Warriors (four titles since 2013) have also been prolific.

That 1999 appearance was the last for the Knicks, and the franchise was out in the wilderness for a long time.

But they are slowly turning it around: New York was the fourth seed in 2021, and is on pace to make the playoffs in 2023. The Knicks have also been playing exciting basketball of late: if you are a fan of scoring, this might be the team for you. In the first half of the 2022-23 NBA season, New York was one of the better teams on the over total with New York sports books, and also covering the spread: both were 29-25, which would be good for a small profit.

What does all this mean for bettors and fans of the Knickerbockers?  Take a look.

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Right now, the Knicks are stuck in that NBA limbo: good enough to make the playoffs (but maybe not the top six and stay out of the play-in rounds) but not good enough to win a title. When you are bad, you can get good draft picks, and New York has not been bad enough to do that. They might be good enough to win a round in the playoffs, but until the team gets out of this limbo, it is probably better to just bet on individual Knicks games at the moment.

Most popular game wagers on the New York Knicks:

  • Money line 
  • Spread line 
  • Game total
  • Team total 
  • To win first half
  • Live in-play betting on the game 

Where can I watch the Knicks play on TV?

There are various channels which show NBA games, and the New York games in particular. Here is a short list: MSG, ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV.

Where can I see the results, standings, and upcoming schedule?

There are various sports websites in New York that will have updated standings and the schedule for the Knicks. Here are the big three: NBA, ESPN and CBS Sports.

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