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Pros And Cons Of Following Public Betting Trends

Pros And Cons Of Following Public Betting Trends

This public betting information sometimes provides contrasting information. Occasionally, while the larger percentage of the bets are on one team, the handle may be leaning toward the opposing team. This generally means that while the majority of people are liking the first team, the bigger bettors, often referred to as sharps, are backing the other squad.

The contrasting information can lead to a betting trend that’s known as fading the public. Sharps are considered to be more knowledgeable bettors. If they look to be leaning the opposite way on a wager than the consensus, there must be a reason for that. It’s considered a wise betting strategy to follow the smart money.

Another factor to take into consideration is the total number of bets that have been played. A smaller sample size can skew the results. However, if there are thousands of bets placed, that data can be considered a trusted source and you should follow that trend.

What is The Public Betting On The NBA

Public betting on the NBA is often also referred to as consensus betting. Online sports betting sites in New York such as BetMGM will reveal how the public is wagering on that night’s NBA games well in advance of the tipoff. 

Percentages will be shown for the handle and the total bets on the moneyline, the point spread and the total. It opens a window into the way the people are wagering on the game and how those bets are shaping the odds

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