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How Do NHL Parlays Work In Sports Betting

How Do NHL Parlays Work In Sports Betting?

Parlays are popular plays for hockey bettors looking to make a big score without taking a significant financial risk. They are similar to triactor wagers in horse racing in that the bettor is combining a number of potential outcomes into one wager in order to try and increase the return on investment delivered by the bet.

The minimum number of outcomes allowed on a parlay bet is two. You could bet the St. Louis Blues to beat the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils to defeat the Buffalo Sabres. However, for the bet to cash, both outcomes must finish in your favor. 

NHL Parlay Odds

Naturally, the more legs that are included with a parlay bet, the greater the potential payout. A two-leg parlay offers odds of 13/5, a three-leg parlay pays out at 6/1 and a four-leg parlay at 10/1. Payouts basically double from that point onward with each additional play. And eight-game parlay delivers 150/1 odds. 

Staking $10 on an eight-leg parlay, if each of the eight teams bet offered -110 odds, would provide a payout of $1754.46.

Again, though, remember all eight legs must win in order for the player to win the parlay bet.

NHL Same Game Parlays

One of the more popular trends in NHL betting these days is the same game parlay. With this wager, a bettor can put together a parlay card utilizing betting lines all from the same game.

Suppose you played a same game parlay on a game between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning at Caesars NY and other betting apps. You could take the Avalanche at -120 in the moneyline, the over on the total of 6.0 goals at +105 and Colorado’s Gabriel Landeskog to go over 1.5 power play points at +700. A $10 stake on this three-leg same game parlay would deliver a return of $290.67

Parlay Insurance

There are some New York online sportsbooks that offer NHL bettors parlay insurance. For example, BetMGM offers one game parlay insurance on NHL games. Players will receive their stake back if all but one of the legs of their parlay play comes in.

Moneyline is a Straight Win Wager

The third element is the moneyline. This is a straight wager on the result of the game. There’s no spread involved. As long as the team you bet wins the game, you cash your bet.

Moneylines will look something like this:

Pittsburgh Penguins -180 at Philadelphia Flyers +150

With a moneyline wager, the favorite is indicated by a negative number and the underdog by a positive number. These digits are based on a $100 wager on the game. In the case of the Flyers at +150, that means if you were to bet $100 on Philly in the moneyline and the Flyers won the game, you’d collect a +150 profit on your $100 wager.

The -180 betting line on the Penguins is a bit more complicated. Instead of the amount won on a $100 bet, with the favorite in a moneyline wager, the number next to the team indicates how much needs to be wagered in order to realize a $100 profit. In this case, you’d be required to stake $180 on the Penguins to gain a $100 payout on top of your stake.

You can place parlay bets on NHL games in New York using these bonus codes at betMGM, BetRivers Caesars sports and more.


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