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What Does 224 O/U Mean In NBA Betting

What Does 224 O/U Mean In NBA Betting?

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One of possible straight bets that is available on the NBA is the total. This wager is also commonly referred to as the over/under, or O/U for short. 

In NBA total betting, the task assigned to the bettor is about as simple as placing a wager can get. A total of expected combined points scored during the game by both participating teams is established prior to tip off by oddsmakers at NY online sports betting sites, such as BetRivers, BetMGM and DraftKings.

In this case, 224 points is the assigned total. As a bettor, should you choose to play this wager, you must decide whether you are betting on the teams to go over or under this total. 

Odds will be assigned to both calls on the wager. A total betting line on an NBA game could look something like this:

NBA Team Total Bet Example:

Orlando Magic O 224 (-105)

Miami Heat U 224 (-115)

In the instance of this hypothetical game between the Magic and Heat, the under is being given shorter odds. That would mean oddsmakers are of the opinion that it is the more likely outcome of the two possibilities.

The true beauty of the total wager is that it doesn’t matter which team wins the game. The only factor impacting your wager will be whether they combine to hit the same target as you. For example, if you bet the under and Miami beat Orlando 111-103, your bet would be a winner, since the total scored is just 214 points.

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