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What Is A Unit In NHL Betting

What Is A Unit In NHL Betting?

A unit is a measurement of the size of a bet, the total amount that is being wagered. Not all units measure up equally. They are based on the size of a bettor’s bankroll and represent a percentage of that bankroll.

What is NHL Bet Unit?

The standard view in NHL betting is that a unit should never amount to more than five percent of the bettor’s entire bankroll. Thus, if a player’s bankroll is $1,000, then one unit would be the equivalent of $50. 

Generally, the recommendation is that a bettor should rarely risk more than one unit on any specific wager. Even if they’ve got inside information, and believe their bet to be as close to a sure thing as there is in NHL betting, the popular wisdom is no more than a maximum of five units should ever be put into play on a single wager.

The Purpose of Units

As mentioned earlier, units are serving as a form of measurement in the NHL betting world. Sharp bettors don’t talk about how much money they’ve won, or how many bets they’ve cashed. All they are concerned with is how many units they are up on the season. 

Sure, it’s nice to say you are 17-11 on your NHL bets via New York betting sites, such as BetRivers NYBetMGM and DraftKings sportsbook for the season. However, it will be much more lucrative to be able to say that you are 10 units ahead on the campaign. That’s especially going to hold true if each of those units is worth $50 in your bank account. 

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